Ethno Park ,,Majkin Farm,,

Ethno Park „Majkin Farm"
covers the family farm Gabric, an area of 40 ha. It is 2500 meters from the lake Palic. There are two objects, local cuisine restaurant Majkin farm and Flower Farm accommodation facility.Apart from these two farms in the ethnic composition of the park is the pond, a small horse farm, barnyard, vast orchards, farm machinery museum, children playground, gift shop,, Shop memories,, .

Flower Farm is accommodation building with 15 comfortable rooms, swimming pool, meeting room, a TV room and reception desk. Each room has its own bathroom. Rooms are air conditioned.

Majkin Farm-Old apartman once again became the center of life and the gatherings of people with a glass of good wine and home-made brandy from apples, the source of tambura music and traditional dishes. Gourmets can enjoy in good potatoe, beef goulash with homemade pasta and cheese, stew with dumplings, rooster-bean soup, lamb stew with cabbage, pork hooves, roasted duck or maybe a real fish soup. We provide gourmet funk, homemade strudels, gomboc, compotes. The restaurant has a capacity of 450 seats.



Palic is located in northern Vojvodina. It is 8 km from Subotica and about 25 km from the border with neighboring Hungary. It is surroun- ded by national parks and four lakes: Palic, Youth, Ludoš, Peat. e greatest attention of local and foreign tourists attracted to events that are dedicated to fostering the tradition of folk customs. Subotica event with the longest tradition is certainly Dužijanca. Subotica is a city of festivals. The most important festivals are the International Festival in Palic European Film Festival and the Children theatre in Subotica, which bring together a number of artists and other guests from around the world. Featured are music festivals like Summer 3p-a, a Trenchtown, there are numerous events as Etnofest, Labour day picnic, sporting or enter- tainment events and other events.

Fruit plantations

First fruit plantations have been built in 1993rd. We chose the apple and plum. Emphasis is placed on four kinds of apples (Idared, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Mucu) and plums (Stanley). Today we have a plantation of 30 ha of which is working on the production of fruit and now at the European level. Every year contains analysis of soil, treatment and care of fruit trees with modern machinery and with the help of professi- onal sta . No storage capacities are omitted so that the refrigerator is built of 200 tons, and the increase in production is just a new project of 500 tons of cold storage.
House specialties include apple cider, thanks to wine and apple chutney.