Price list for accommodation

Individual guests     Service:                                        RSD
1          Single room                                   2000
2         Double room/person                      1650
3         Children   4 - 12 years old               825

Remark: The price includes bed

Additional charges(not required): breakfast: 200din, lunch: 700din, dinner: 650din
Additional charges(not required) for children 2-12 years: breakfast: 150din, lunch: 450din, dinner: 400din

Discounts : Bed for the second child from 4 - 12 years is for free
Third person has a discount of  30% (on bed)


Groups over 20 persons        Service:                         RSD
1              Double room/person     1000

Remark: The price includes bed

Additional charges(not required): breakfast: 300din, lunch: 700din, dinner: 650din

Not included (necessarily):
tax and insurance
*Adults- 134 din/person/night
*Children 7 -15 years 79,5 din/person/night
*Children 2 - 7 years 25 din/person/night



Competition in fishing 2016

Competition in fishing 2016

I round, May .............................. 14:05 .
II Round , June ........................... 18.06.
III Round, July ........................... 16.07.
IV Round , August ......................... 20.8.

Masters Cup, September ................. .. 17.9.

The registration fee for participants is 1000.00 dinars (breakfast, lunch and drinks for participants)

The prize fund for each participant 1000.00 dinars

Total: 2000.00 RSD

The prize fund 50% of the parts I, II and III place and
for the biggest fish in each round, according to the principle:
I 50%
II 30%
III 10%
For the biggest fish of 10%

The remaining 50% is transferred to the Masters Cup which is shared in September.
It is estimated that the prize fund in September is 30000,00 15000,00 +
= 45000, 00 dinars, which is also shared by the same principles.


 Fishing and scoring carp and grass carp
 Each participant uses a single match stick float and hook
 Meals can be granular and powder
 The numbers of participants position draw themselves
Information and reservations 024 / 753-672 or 063 / 505-792
 Each participant therefore share gains 10 points
 Each kilogram of fish is awarded 5 points
 Points won in the I, II, III and IV of the transmitted from the car in
determined until MASTERS Cup
 For each round the organizer provides gold, silver and
bronze medal, as well as a medal for the biggest fish.
Medals are handed out to participants for the round in which they participated and won.
 Organization for MASTERS competition provide trophies for I, II, III place and biggest fish.
 Also delivered to and the cup
For example for MASTERS competition participant who has competed in all four rounds, and did not catch any fish, has 40 points, which he provides better position in the MASTERS competition.
Points won in all four rounds are added up and give a better position to win the Cup in his MASTERS competition.
 The number of competitors is limited
 For the competition in the league, we anticipate 15-18 participants per round
 If the competition report a larger number than anticipated, the advantage of having permanent participants.


Organize a seminar on the farm


Name of service:

per person, in rsd
1 Bed in a double room 1000

Note: The price includes bed

The offer is valid for a minimum of 20 people
Supplements: Breakfast 200 din, lunch 700 din , dinner 650 din

Price does not include (payment with reservation):
Local tax and insurance
* Grown- pay the tax 109.00 per person per night and insurance 25.00 per person per night;
* Children 7 -15 pay the tax 54.50 per person per night and Insurance 25.00 per person per night;
* Children: 2 - 7 insurance pay only 25.00 per person per night.

Free: use of meeting rooms, offices, Internet, tour of farms